1950 Oldsmobile Woodie Wagon


1950 Oldsmobile Woodie Wagon — 3 Comments

  1. My parents worked for the Rowe family who was the daughter of R. E. Olds back around 1948 thru 1951 (my mother worked for them longer than my father), and I met Mr. & Mrs. Olds around 1949 at their summer home in Charlevoix, Michigan, (They, as I recall as a ten year old, were old then). We had the use of a 1950 Olds woody in those days, which I traveled in with my parents from Michigan to the winter home of the Rowe’s in Florida, in 1950. Nice vehicle as I remember as a youngster… I didn’t realize who Mr. Olds was back then, but he was a very nice man as I recall as was his son-in-law who my parents worked for. I even swam in the Old’s swimming pool in Florida back then right on the Halifax River near in Daytona Beach, Florida. Now I live in Florida and have for the last 43 years! Amazing country isn’t it!

    Ernie Smith Jr.

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